Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Holiday !

I was in holiday for 2 months and I just came back. and sorry that I coudln't come and write. Anyway I hope you like these photos:

My parents rice field in north of Iran:

From my parents small garden:

A kind of pepper and I dont know their real name, I hope you help :)


  1. I love those ornamental peppers. I grew them too but they are gone now.

  2. The paddy plants in your parents' rice field are blooming now. Wishing you a good harvest this time. Is that a cycad in the second picture? It looks very big now. I'd love to watch the chilis change colour as they ripen. The last picture look like a crape myrtle?

  3. One: yes, they have lovely colors.
    Autumne belle: about 3 weeks after this photo, they harvested that field and it was really great :)
    yes it is Cycad, and u can see lots of baby cycad around it ;)
    and yes its crape myrtle or Lagerstroemia spp. and its persian name is: Touri

  4. Those peppers look yummy! I am not familiar with that variety. The crape myrtle is gorgeous!