Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yesterday, during my way to the university, as I was passing by a small piece of land which has lots of wild growing plants that we name most of them weeds, I noticed they are really beautiful! And I wonder when they grow in our garden or farm, we want to get rid of them in any way possible!
Are they really bothering or annoying? I think they are growing because the its their home, but we want to send them out, just because we want to plant our plants!
What do you think?


  1. Putting invasive aliens firmly in the out basket, for the rest, I admire weeds. Able to grow in the available soil, irrigation or not, sun or wind. Often the leaves are interesting. There are flowers - look at the glory of dandelions. And they support wildlife. What's not to like? Our neighbour has been out with his spraypump of Agent Orange. All is dead on his side of the wall.

  2. Welcome to this corner gardener

  3. Can't believe that, again today, our Agent Orange neighbour was living up to his reputation. In the meantime the weeds are shoulder high. Why does he do it?
    Are you still blogging?

  4. Hello, and Thanks. I just came back from Iran, I had 2 months holiday and unfortunately I hadn't any access to blogger from my country.