Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A problem !

It’s about 2 or 3 years that there are some strange insects in our garden which they were not like this, years ago. Unfortunately, their population were unbelievably much more than before in this year! They usually are very much after raining, and they come to the yard! I put some pictures here, and I hope you can help me to identifying and controlling them biologically. (I asked my neighbors, and they have the same problem!)


  1. They look like millipedes to me. Try touching them with a stick and see if they curl up.

    We had lots of millipedes a few years back but they have disappeared. I believe ecology would take care of itself and strike a balance. Relax. :)

  2. Dear One, tnx for help.
    yes it is exactly Millipeds.
    and ok, sure !

  3. We have them too. A few more in winter when it is cool and damp. I think they mostly live under the leaf mulch quietly making compost for us.

    Haven't seen your blog for a while, glad you are back!