Saturday, January 15, 2011

Farming and Natural Resources

Conventional agriculture can make long-term damages to soil, like tillages with tractor, it can make erosion in long-term. Also irrigation without drainage or poor drainage can lead to salinization.
Four important factors for human are sun, air, soil and water which water and soil has more importance because sunlight and air are accessible everywhere, but crops are depend on water and nutrients in soil. When we harvest our crops, we remove some nutritions form the soil without replacement. This nutrient depletion can lead the soil unusable. Sustainable agriculture relies on replenishing the soil with minimizing the use of synthetic fertilizer or mineral ores like phosphate. Possible sources of nitrogen can be available on: 
1- crop waste and animals manure.  
2- planting legume crops like alfalfa which has a kind of symbioses with nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Rhizobium).

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