Monday, May 9, 2011

Dr. Beski an Iranian environmentalist

Gholamali Beski was born in 1931 in Iran/Sabzevar, He graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 1966 with the degree of surgical expertise of women. And the same year he founded a Maternity Hospital. In 1970, he left the city to Golestan Forest. After many years living in the nature, his several chronic diseases, such as cataract and purulent bronchitis, back pain and skin problems were treated. He is a raw vegan, uses spring water for drinking, and 40 years did not use soap, he take a cold shower every day. He devoted all his property:  gardens, libraries and buildings, 23 hectares farm, greenhouses, animal husbandry and Maternity Hospital and ...
Please watch this video:


  1. devoted=donated. Delete this, yes?


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  3. hi. I didn't get what u mean by: devoted .... ?
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  4. 'he devoted all his property' your last sentence